Valve Abbrevations

Valve Abbrevations including valve types, such as ball, gate, globe, check, plug, and butterfly valves; valve structures; valve material, end connections etc.


ANSI American  National Standards Institute
API American Petroleum Institute
ASME American Society of  Mechanical Engineers
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
BS British Standards
ISO International Standards Organisation

Valve Abbreviations

BB Bolted Bonnet
BC Bolted Cover
BE Bevel End
BW Butt Weld
C.S Carbon Steel
EB Extension Bonnet
EC External Coating
EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
EFW Electric Fusion Weld
FF Flat Face (Full Face)
FLGE Flanged
GO Gear Operated
HF Hard Faced
HW Handwheel
IC Internal Coating
IS Inside Screw
NBR Nuna-N Rubber
NPS Nominal Pipe Size
NPT National Taper Pipe Thread
NRS Non Rising Stem
OCT Octagonal Ring Gasket
OD Outside Diameter
OS&Y Outside Screw & Yoke
OVAL Oval Ring Gasket
PB Pressure Seal Bonnet
PE Plain End
PTFE Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
PWHT Post Weld Heat Treatment
RF Raised Face
RS Rising Stem
RTJ Ring Type Joint
SB Screwed Bonnet
SCRD Screwed
SF Smooth Finish
SO Slip-On
SS Stainless Steel
STD Standard
SW Socket Weld
TE ThereaD eND
T & G Tongue and Groove
WB Welded Bonnet
WN Weld Neck

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