Gate Valve

Relia valve is a gate valve manufacturer, supplying wedge gate valve and slab gate valve. Solid wedge for 2" and smaller; flexible wedge disc for 2" and bigger;  size: 1/2" - 60"; Class 150 -2500.

The sealing surface of a wedge gate valve is at an angle with the vertical center line.The essence of this feature is to help in closing the gate valve more tightly and further ensure a sealing effect.

Wedge gate valves act as reliable devices to connect and close the fluid in a pipeline in oil and gas, petrochemical refineries, coal-fired power generation, and water treatment. It comes with two types of solid wedge: solid and flexible.

Flexible Wedge Gate Valves

The flexible wedge gate valve design consists of two independent and flexible wedge halves that allow a relative movement to accommodate changes in the body seat angles. Relia flexible wedge gate valve offers superior tightness of seat and freedom from sticking. Wedge guiding minimizes seat rubbing and scuffing, resulting in long cycle life.

Flexible Wedge Gate Valve                                                                                  Gate Valve Flexible Wedge Disc

flexible wedge gate valve
gate valve flexible wedge disc


Solid Wedge Gate Valve

The solid wedge gate valve is designed in one-piece model, while the flexible wedge offers a wedge shape for both seats.

Solid Wedge Gate Valve                                                                                         Gate Valve Solid Wedge Disc

solid wedge gate valve
gate valve solid wedge disc

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