Ball Valve Feature

double block and bleed ball valve

Double Block and Bleed In Ball Valve

Double block and bleed valves are single valves with two seating surfaces that, in the closed position, provide a seal against pressure from both ends of the valve with a means of venting/bleeding the cavity between the seating surfaces. ...

sealant injection for ball valve

Sealant Injection In Ball Valves

The sealant injection provides a secondary and emergency seal to the stem and/or seat area of a ball valve by means of a suitable facility when soft sealing rings are damaged (seat inserts and o-rings) by accident. ...

body cavity pressure relief

Automatic Cavity Relief In Ball Valves

Automatic cavity pressure relief is provided to relieve the trapped fluid into the internal pipeline, when the pressure of the trapped fluid goes up abnormally as the unstable factor. ...

anti-blow-out stem design valve

Anti-blow-out Stem In Ball Valves

Valves are designed with a stem anti-blow-out device to prevent stem ejection by internal pressure when the stem packing and/or retainer has been removed. ...

anti-static device ball valves

Anti-static Device In Ball Valves

An anti-static device used in a ball valve is to reduce the static charge generated on the ball due to friction. It is used to protect the valve against a spark that may ignite the fuel flowing through it. ...

fire test for ball valve

Fire Safe in Ball Valve

Fire safe ball Valves have the ability to maintain their pressure holding capacity during and after exposure to fire. ...