ISO 5210: Industrial valves Multi-turn valve actuator attachments

BS EN ISO 5210 specifies the requirements for the attachment of multi-turn actuators to valves.

Throughout this document, “actuator” may be understood as “actuator and/or gearbox” providing a multi-turn and/or linear output.

BS EN ISO 5210 specifies:

— flange dimensions necessary for the attachment of actuators to industrial valves [see Figure 1 a)] or to intermediate supports [see Figure 1 b)];

— those driving component dimensions of actuators which are necessary to attach them to the driven components;

— reference values for torque and thrust for flanges having the dimensions specified in this document.

NOTE 1 - In this document, the term “valve” may also be understood to include “valve with an intermediate support” [see Figure 1 b)].

NOTE 2 - When a combination of a multi-turn actuator and separate multi-turn/linear gearbox is coupled to form an actuator, the multi-turn attachment to the gearbox is in accordance with this document [see Figures 1 c) and 1 d)].  A combination of a multi-turn actuator with integral multi-turn/linear gearbox supplied as an actuator is in accordance with Figures 1 a) and 1 b).

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