Emergency Sealant Injection In Ball Valves

The sealant injection provides a secondary and emergency seal to the stem and/or seat area of a ball valve by means of a suitable facility when soft sealing rings are damaged (seat inserts and o-rings) by accident.


sealant injection on seat and stem for trunnion ball valve

Sealant injection on seat and stem of trunnion ball valve


The sealant injection fitting is integrated with a check valve at the front of the seat sealant injection to avoid blowing out in case of a wrong operation. All Relia injection fittings are 316 Stainless steel. When the soft sealing materials (seat inserts and o-rings) are damaged and leakage happens by fire or other accident, the sealant can be injected through the sealant injection fittings.

emergency sealant injection for valve

  Emergency sealant injection for trunnion mounted ball valve


Each ball valve of size 6" and larger (or smaller size on request) is equipped with a sealant injection located at the stem and seat area.

However, always remember that the sealant injection facility is only for emergency sealant injection. Once you apply grease to the seat, you have the added risk of sticky sealant with more particles to the grease on the seat and then further damaging the valve seat once the valve is again opened and closed. Of course, you can also flush the sealant injection lines clean afterwards. Of course, you can also flush the sealant injection lines clean afterwards.


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