BS 5351 Ball Valves

BS 5351 Ball Valves: trunnion mounted ball valves or seat-supported ball valves are available in one-piece or split-body construction, with full or reduced bore.

Straightway steel ball valves have specified wall thickness, an antistatic feature, and a fire-tested design.

BS5351: Steel ball valves for the petroleum, petrochemical, and allied industries.

BS 5351 Standard specifies the valve seat and body pressure/temperature ratings and the design, including materials, dimensions, operation,performance, testing, and marking of ball valves.

End Connections:

Flanged End

Butt Weld End

Socket Weld End

Threaded End



Anti-static feature

A feature incorporated in the design of the valve that ensures electrical continuity between the body, ball, and stem of the valve.

Fire-tested design

A design that is capable of complying with API 607/API 6FA.

Anti-blow-out stem

A design that prevents the valve stem from being blown out of the body if the stem seal retainer, such as a gland, is removed while the valve is under pressure. 

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