A182 F304 Ball Valve

A182 F304 Ball Valve is made of ASTM A182 F304 that is a forging material specification for improved corrosion resistance.The ball valve body and trim are all made of ASTM A182 F304.

ASTM A182 F304 Ball Valve specifications

Part Name Body/Bonnet Bolting Stem Ball Seat Spring
Material ASTM A182 F304 A193 B8M/A194 8M ASTM A182 F304 ASTM A182 F304 RPTFE, Devlon, PEEK, etc. Inconel 725


ASTM A182 F304 Ball Valve Test Pressure

Test Type Test Fluid Test Pressure (bar)
Class 150 Class 300 Class 600 Class 900 Class 1500 Class 2500
Shell Test Water 28.5 74.4 148.95 223.35 372.3 620.55
High Pressure Seat Test Water 20.9 54.56 109.23 163.79 273.02 455.07
Low Pressure Seat Test Air 6 6 6 6 6 6


ASTM A182 F304 Chemical Requirement

Grade UNS Designation C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo Others
F 304 S30400 0.08 2.00 0.045 0.030 1.00 8.0-11.0 18.0-20.0   N 0.10

All values are maximum unless otherwise stated. Where ellipses (...) appear in this table, there is no requirement and analysis for the element need not be determined or reported.

Tensile and Hardness Requirements A

Grade Tensile Strength,
min, ksi [MPa]
Yield Strength, min,
ksi [MPa]B
Elongation in 2 in.
[50 mm] or 4D,
min, %
Reduction of Area,
min, %
Brinell Hardness
Number, HBW, unless
otherwise indicated
F304 75 [515]C 30 [205] 30 50 . . .

Where ellipses appear in this table, there is no requirement and the test for the value need neither be performed nor a value reported.
B Determined by the 0.2 % offset method. For ferritic steels only, the 0.5 % extension-under-load method may also be used. C For sections over 5 in. [130 mm] in thickness, the minimum tensile strength shall be 70 ksi [485 MPa].

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